Brooke Thompson

Lives in Sydney but often draws in the bush by a water source; a pond, swamp, creek or river. And when that is not possible, the harbour or ocean become sites from which drawings and etchings germinate. Currently studying Masters of Art at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. Graduated with honours in drawing at the National Art School in 2005.

2015On Reflection, A-M Gallery, Newtown
2013At Water's Edge, A-M Gallery, Newtown
2005Peregrinations at Low Tide, Gallery East, Clovelly

2016The Other Art Fair, Commune, Waterloo
Eclectica, Frensham, Mittagong
Tim Olsen Drawing Prize, Kudos Gallery, UNSWAD
Artist Residencies, Portland Art Centre, Portland
2015Waverley Art Prize, Waverley Woollahra Art Centre
North Sydney Art Prize, Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, Waverton
2014At Home, A-M Gallery, Newtown
International Invitational Mini Prints Exhibition, College of Arts, National Taiwan University
2013Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, PLC Croydon
Waverley Art Prize, Waverley Woollahra Art Centre
Wingecarribee Art Prize, Bowral
12/12, Portland Art Centre, Portland
2012landscape: projections, Kudos Gallery, Paddington
Shelf Life, Delmar Gallery, Ashfield
Charming Collective :Oh for the Love of Prints, Kudos Gallery, Paddington
imPRESSions, Beowulf Gallery, Paddington
2011Shelf Life, Delmar Gallery, Ashfield
Eclectica, Frensham, Mittagong
Outside In, ESP Gallery, Marrickville
2009Natural Visions, Helen Stephens Gallery, Waverley
2008Absolute Drawcard, National Art School
Imagined Landscapes, Académie Itinérante des échanges Arts et Langues Europénnes, Musee de L'homme, Paris
2007Watermark, Mary Place, Paddington
2006Absolute Drawcard, National Art School
Transitions, Mary Place
Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Xavier Art Space, St Vincent's
2005Honours Show, National Art School
Exchange Square, hosted by Friends of National Art School, ASX
The Honours Group, Art Sydney 05, Paddington
A Season of Twelve, Mary Place, Paddington
2004Drawing Week, National Art School

2014 and 2015 Bryants Butchery, Hill End
2015June Hedditch Studio, Portland Victoria